E3, the world’s largest video game trade show, announces its closure after years of cancellations

There will be no more E3 trade fairs. The trade fair organization announced this in a short statement in which it thanked the people who have been attending these events for 25 years “for the memories”.

For decades, this event has served as a meeting place for gamers from all over the world who eagerly await news from their favorite companies and play video games that are not yet on the market.

Particularly memorable are the announcements of the Wii, the PlayStation 4 and their battle with the Xbox One or the appearance of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Zelda saga, at E3 2004 with Link’s shield and sword during the presentation of “Twilight Princess” . Other less notable but equally commented on moments might include Kaz Hirai shouting “Ridge Racer” during the PSP presentation or Keanu Reeves’ appearance at the Cyberpunk 2077 presentation shouting “You’re breathtaking.”

Despite the great moments that this trade fair has given, the reality is that the event has declined over the years and alternatives have emerged for companies to show their new projects, such as digital channels or other events.The Game Awards‘.

In the case of Nintendo, they decided to create their own events called “NintendoDirect‘. PlayStation and Sony are betting on the “PlayStation Showcase‘, a name that Xbox and Microsoft also use with their ‘Xbox Games Showcase‘. In addition, events such as the GDC, Gamescom and the Summer Game Fest continue to take place.

In an interview in the Washington Post Stanley Pierre LouisPresident and General Director of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), shared the news on social networks shortly before it became official.

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The last face-to-face event of this event took place Year 2019. Due to the pandemic it could not take place in 2020 and 2021, this suspension remained until today when its final farewell was confirmed.

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