E.Leclerc Énergies could cut the power on October 15 and invites to change supplier

Watch out for unpleasant surprises. On October 15, E.Leclerc Energies will cease its activities as an electricity supplier. Customers who have not migrated to another company are at risk of cuts.

The various individuals concerned were informed by a message sent on September 22. No alternative was provided to customers, which angered some of them on social media.

This announcement came when E.Leclerc Energies intends to offer dynamic pricing subscriptions later. This operation, possible for a few months in France, traces the price of electricity on the market. Each day, the price may therefore vary. Customers can be rewarded with big drops, but they can also face increases. The offer was supposed to be available in the fall, but was rejected by the supplier.

Fear of prohibitive prices

E.Leclerc Energies explains this choice by the volatility of the current market, and in particular a sharp rise in the price of electricity. “In a context of unprecedented fluctuations in electricity prices, and sharing the points of vigilance raised by several consumer associations, E.Leclerc Energies has decided to postpone the implementation of its offer” to “a period more favorable ”, one could read in a press release from the brand.

Numerama explains indeed that by launching its offer these days, the tariffs would have been prohibitive for possible new customers. It remains to be seen whether the behavior of E.Leclerc Energies will not be sanctioned upon their return by low user confidence.

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