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E-commerce in the US will exceed $1 trillion in 2023

E-commerce sales in the United States will exceed $1.1 trillion in 20237% more, Marketplace Pulse has reported, citing data from the US Department of Commerce.

Although this year will be the lowest growth year since the 2009 recession, e-commerce sales continue to exceed pre-pandemic forecasts. Actually is currently E-commerce is 14% above the trend line.

In 2022 U.S. consumer spending was 25% higher than forecast in recent years. Overall, retail experienced stronger growth than online retail last year. Special, in the third quarter of 2022Total retail sales in the United States reached 7,000 million dollars (6,391.5 million euros).

According to experts, “The re-acceleration is still to come«. Furthermore, as large companies such as Amazon and Walmart as well as Chinese companies Shein and Temu have exceeded the 7% growth rate, negative growth is forecast for other smaller players in the market.

Despite it, E-commerce continues to grow, although it has remained stable over the past three years. In general, the increase in e-commerce over the last 10 years has been between 14 and 15%; with periods of acceleration and later with a decline due to the pandemic. In the coming years An upward trend is expected with an estimated growth of between 9 and 10%..

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