E-commerce in Italy had a turnover of 76,000 million euros in 2022

It is estimated that the total turnover of electronic commerce in Italy will be 75.890 million euros in 2022 . It is a growth of 18.6% compared to the previous year. However, most of this growth was caused by price increases.

These data are from the Ecommerce in Italy 2023 report by Casaleggio Associates, a digital strategy consultancy in Italy. In 2021, the e-commerce market in Italy reached a turnover of 64 billion euros, which represented a growth of 33% compared to the previous year. With a growth of 18.6% It seems that the development of online sales is slowing down in the country.

‘2022 year of the reality check’

“2022 was the year of reality checks for exhibitors and producers who had to go back to playing by the rules of the market without the impetus, and in some cases the obstacle, of the blockade”, explains the president of Casaleggio Associati, Davide Casaleggio .

“The real news was the inflation that Italian e-commerce had not known in its entire life. On the one hand, he affected purchases due to the rise in prices, the uncertainty caused by the energy crisis, the ongoing war and the increase in transport costs from Asia ”.

Recipes by category

Entertainment was the largest online sector, generating 50% of the total online turnover (38 billion euros) in Italy. According to the study, this is partly due to the growth of online gaming, as well as purchases related to hobbies and sports. Online shopping centers are in second place and generated 19% of total revenue (14,200 million euros).

‘The tourism sector grew 47% in volume of online business’.

The sector tourism was the one that grew the most last year (47%), which was mainly due to the increase in prices. He generated the 13.3% of the total turnover of electronic commerce.

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According to the study, global sales declined in most sectors, but there was still an increase in turnover due to higher prices. “This was particularly true for physical goods sectors like food, home and furniture, consumer electronics, and online shopping malls.”

Online billing channels

Italian online companies generated most of their turnover on their own website (40%). Other 28% of the billing comes from the markets. Mobile apps are becoming a major asset for big marketers. They represent an average of 8% of the billing.

“Ecommerce sites are expected to grow 17% in turnover in 2023.”

According to the report, e-commerce sites in Italy are expected to grow a 17.3% in terms of billing this year. especially the sectors Leisure, Food and Fashion and Health and Beauty are the ones that are expected to grow the most in online business volume (23, 20 and 19% respectively).

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