Dybala’s signing for Inter is complicated and Real Madrid enters the scene

When the future of paulo dybala It seemed to have materialized after the end of his contract with Juventus in Turin, doubts arise again and, with them, speculation. The ‘jewel’ is in practically closed negotiations with the Inter de Milanbut they have been paralyzed due to various complications in both the financial and sporting aspects, since there are many attacking players in the squad after the arrival of Lukaku and the Nerazzurri team will have to free up space if they want to incorporate Dybala into Inzaghi’s team .

But the need to leave so that Dybala can sign for Inter not only covers the sporting field, but also the financial one, and that is that Inter Milan is obliged to meet certain requirements, such as closing the market with 60 million in positive and lower the general salary of the staff by 15%. In this way, the signing of Paulo Dybala, with the reinforcement of Lukaku, has become enormously complicated, although the Nerazzurri are looking for a solution.

Real Madrid could take advantage of the situation with Dybala

Despite this, Inter Milan will have to act quickly if they want to retain Paulo Dybala successfully, and that is that the real Madrid closely follows the situation of the jewel as a possible substitute for Marco Asensio, according to reports ‘Tuttosport’. It is yet to be determined whether the Spaniard is going to leave, but everything points more to leaving than for him to remain in the Madrid team. On the other hand, Inter Milan will seek to do everything possible to unload the offensive zone, with Lukaku, Dzeko, Lautaro, Correa and Alexis Sánchez. Some of them have sounded like possible departures, as is the case of the Chilean, who could leave for Barça. Dzeko, who still has a contract with the Italian team, would not be happy if he had to make room for another player, while exactly the same thing happens with Correa.

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To this is added that the priority of the Milan team is not in the attack, but in the defense, where Bremer and Milenkovic sound strong, and they must reserve money to face these incorporations. With all this, the signing of Paulo Dybala remains on ‘stand by’ and could end up becoming a race in which both Inter Milan and Real Madrid have options to finalize the signing of the Argentine attacker. Everything will depend on which club carries out the corresponding exits with greater speed in order for Dybala to become part of one club or another.

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