Dybala is Simeone’s killer for the mattress market

In the mattress team they have not forgotten the Argentine attacker and will use his services in the next window at any price and regardless of the other clubs

Some information about Paulo Dybala’s departure to AS Roma came to light when José Mourinho was sacked at the same time as Simeone expressed his interest. This information was denied by Daniele De Rossi himself, the current coach of the Roman team. The former Boca Juniors are very happy with the Argentine striker and have even asked for his extension.

What the Italian coach wants is one thing and what Paulo Dybala himself thinks is quite another. LaLiga EA Sports has been making lighting changes for a long time and the player is loving it. And it’s not just Simeone’s Atlético that has him on their agenda. But the Madrid club comes first when it comes to striker preferences.

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Dybala is Simeone’s dream and Atlético will be hoping to fulfill it in the summer. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

There is no doubt that Paulo Dybala is the striker Simeone wants and needs

The uncertainty over who will be the striker leaving the red and white ship is still a topic of discussion. The matter of Álvaro Morata’s trip to Italy is still ongoing, as is the departure of Memphis Depay due to a low level. Ángel Correa is still considering the offer he received from Saudi Arabia. The fact is that there will still be free chips in the offensive field for the summer market.

One of them could be for Dybala, at least that’s what he thinks and dreams about as a gaucho coach. The Córdoba attacker has a combination of talent, physique and heart that makes him one of the most versatile strikers in the world. It fits Cholo’s game idea best and its adaptation is certainly more than guaranteed.

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Dybala’s clause is still a bargain

If the Colchonero team doesn’t sign the South American striker this summer, it will be because they simply don’t feel like it. But since the coach’s wish is different, the chances of seeing the former Juventus player in red and white are very high. This is because the player clause remains at a relatively low price.

Paulo Dybala has a transfer fee that barely reaches 12 million euros for any club that doesn’t play in Serie A. But if an Italian club wants to sign him, he has to pay 18 kilos. The truth is that Atlético is already drawing up a strategic plan to stay one step ahead of everyone and thus obtain the long-awaited signing that Simeone reveals.

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