the future of paulo dybala is up in the air, but not only because he can leave the Juventus, but because it could also stay. This is reported Roman Fabrizio, the prestigious Italian journalist who has confirmed that the Turin club is taking its time in the extension of contracts, which leaves Dybala’s future open, both to leave and to stay.

The team of Massimiliano Allegri He had a verbal agreement with Dybala to address the renewal of the Argentine in at least three months, but they have decided to take their time, which does not mean that the Argentine star will leave safely.

The teams that have sounded to sign Dybala

Many teams have sounded to sign Paulo Dybala after discovering all this framework that places the South American as a possible exit from Juventus in Turin. they want it so bad The league like in the Premier and in the Ligue 1, desired without a doubt for its youth and its already proven quality. There are five teams that want the Argentine, although his exit, as we say, is not guaranteed.



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