DxOMark responds to accusations of buying sheet music in its reviews

DxOMark is the world’s best-known entity for analyzing the camera, screens, batteries and other technical details of smartphones and other technology products. It is one of the main barometers to evaluate the performance of these details.

However, his credibility has seen better days and accusations of manipulation of published scores are multiplying. Given this scenario, the CEO of DxOMark went public to clarify the matter.

The CEO of DxOMark denies selling points in the analyzes carried out

through a video, Frederic Guichard responds to the entire technology community about the accusations directed at the entity he directs. According to his statements, there is no basis for criticism directed at DxOMark.

Frederic Guichard

Guichar clarifies that the only thing DxOMark sells are labs and technical reports. Faced with accusations of selling scores in his reviews or rankings, he says that none of this is true.

It establishes that all the scores awarded are only the result of the quality of the products they have to evaluate. In other words, the general director of DxOMark reiterates the position of impartiality and professionalism that is expected of a communication medium like this, as is the case.

“DXOMARK has more than 100 engineers to repeatedly test cameras, audio, screens and smartphone batteries in 16 labs. We follow no less than 5 points of reference of scientific evidence. Each reference point combines objective tests and analysis of perceptual tests”.

Frederic Guichard downplays the non-delivery of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra to DxOMark

DxOMark’s credibility took another hit when Xiaomi refused to send a unit of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra to test its capabilities. Even so, this decision will not prevent this entity from giving its opinion on the new Chinese smartphone.

Frederic Guichard says that DxOMark will buy a high-end business unit from Xiaomi to be able to run its tests. The CEO reiterates his commitment to analyze the most popular products on the market, even if this forces the company to acquire the missing models.

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In this way, it plays down the refusal of some technology companies to send test units of their products. If the brand is willing to send a unit, the tests will be carried out. Otherwise, DxOMark will do everything possible so that you can still give your support.

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