Dwayne Johnson refuses to support any candidate in the 2024 American presidential election

Despite his significant role as Black Adam in the DCEU in 2022, Dwayne The Rock Johnson The actor and professional wrestler is positioning himself neutrally in view of the 2024 US presidential election and promises, unlike his previous election, not to take sides Joe Biden during the last election.

“The support I gave Biden “It was a personal decision at the time,” he explained Johnson during an interview with Fox News. He emphasizes that his massive influence on social networks has led him to express his political choice, an approach that he does not want to repeat in the next elections. Johnson admits his activism has contributed to the polarization of his fans, an observation that is now pushing him to adopt a more neutral stance.

“What I realized was the enormous division that this created,” he says Johnson. He expresses his desire to help unify the country and now keeps his political views to himself. Johnson remains confident in the choice of the American people and assures their unconditional support for the elected candidate.

Beyond politics, Johnson also shares his concern about the climate of cultural division and openly criticizes “cancel culture” and “woke culture.” The actor was recently removed from the universe DC from James Gunn And Peter SafranHe doesn’t let it get him down and might even make an appearance in a future film Marvel Studios. Parallel to, Johnson is preparing for one of this weekend’s major events, WrestleMania 40.

This change of direction Dwayne JohnsonThe transition from professed political commitment to chosen neutrality reflects a maturity in his relationship with the public. By choosing to keep his political views secret, he attempts to ease tensions and promote unity among his fans. His journey, from professional wrestling to Hollywood and now in the political arena, continues to influence and inspire, even if he has decided to withdraw from public debate.

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