The Dutch Safety Board reopens the investigation into the fatal mortar accident in Mali in 2016. To this end, a second fact-finding investigation by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is requested from the Public Prosecution Service, hitherto unknown to the Dutch Safety Board.

A grenade exploded prematurely in the accident. Two Dutch soldiers were killed and a third was seriously injured. Because of the case, Defense Minister Hennis resigned in October 2017.

The Public Prosecution Service decided in February last year that it would not prosecute individual defense employees. The reason was that the exact cause of the explosion could not be determined with complete certainty. According to the Public Prosecution Service, this was partly because the conclusions of the fact-finding investigation of the Dutch Safety Board differed from those of an investigation by the Marechaussee.

Radio program Argos asked questions about the case last September. Partly for this reason, the Dutch Safety Board is now curious whether the KMar investigation contains relevant new facts.


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