Dutch publisher Ensie is going to accept bitcoin payments!

More and more Dutch people are coming into contact with the crypto industry and investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH)† Today, however, it is still quite difficult to actually pay with these crypto coins in the Netherlands, but this is slowly changing. Recently made publisher from Dutch soil. Ensie, still known that they would start accepting payments in the form of bitcoin!

Buying books with bitcoin

Krijn Soeteman is a science and technology journalist and he recently wrote on behalf of Ensie at the Crypto EncyclopediaHow nice would it be if people could actually buy this informative new book about crypto with bitcoin as a payment method? As a result, Ensie decided to enable customers to pay in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from that moment on. A first in the Netherlands!

According to publisher Bart Welzen, this is a great step for Ensie and the crypto industry in the Netherlands. According to Welzen, this shows that, although Ensie is traditionally a traditional company, innovation should never be shunned:

Since the launch of our online platform, we have been more of a tech organization than a traditional publishing house. It’s great to see how a new book publication can stimulate technological development like this. We therefore strive to continue to innovate the publishing profession in collaboration with our authors.

Crypto Encyclopedia

Learning about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind the new sector is of great importance to any crypto user, but many beginners understand the moment they start investing in cryptocurrencies actually very little of the crypto industry. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways these people can brush up on their knowledge about the crypto industry.

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Ensie’s Crypto Encyclopedia is ideally suited for this. All common crypto terms are explained in a childishly simple way in normal human language and is thus an accessible way to gain important knowledge about the world of crypto. Perhaps the best thing is that you can now also pay with bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin!

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