Dutch broker list as first new real estate crypto

Coinmerce, a prominent Dutch-made crypto broker, has announced the exciting news of a new addition to their platform: Propchain (PROPC). In this article, we take a closer look at this fascinating token and explain how you can benefit from one attractive action from Coinmerce.

Propchain: crypto and real estate combined

Propchain is a brand new decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to facilitate real estate transactions. The goal is to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the transparency of the entire process.

In recent years, real estate has undergone a significant digital transformation. From online real estate exchanges to digital tours, the way we buy and sell homes has changed dramatically. However, there are still problems, especially in the transaction processes, for which Propchain offers a solution and hopes to unleash a true revolution!

The Propchain platform allows all parties involved – buyers, sellers, brokers, legal advisors and others – to collaborate in a decentralized, secure and transparent system. This means that every transaction is fully traceable and immutable, providing a new level of trust and security.

Propchain’s token is PROPC, which is used to enable transactions on the platform. The market capitalization of the PROPC crypto is currently still modest, which means that there is still a lot of room for growth.

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Earn free crypto at Coinmerce

From now on you can invest in this promising real estate token at Coinmerce, making Coinmerce the first platform in the Netherlands where PROPC is available! Because it is such a new token, you can get in extremely early this way. Of course the risks of investing in such a project are relatively high, but the potential to experience astronomical growth is therefore also present.

As an added bonus, new users on Coinmerce are currently receiving 10 euros as a gift upon registration. So register quickly and start trading your first PROPC today and who knows, you could become part of the digital transformation of the real estate industry!

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