Dust storm in Kuwait, flights suspended, port closed

Due to the dust storm in Kuwait, operations at airports and seaports have been suspended.

According to Arab media, Kuwait has been engulfed in a dust storm which has severely affected daily life. Flights have been suspended and maritime operations at ports have been suspended.

The deputy director of the airline said that the flight schedule has been affected due to bad weather. The new schedule will be released when the situation improves.

The hurricane has reduced the number of border crossings, disrupted life on the roads, reduced the flow of air and suspended air operations, delayed flights, causing inconvenience to passengers.

Meanwhile, a severe sandstorm in Iraq has halted flight operations at Baghdad’s international airport, while several government schools and offices have been closed.

According to airport officials, the flight operation will be suspended until further notice.

Hundreds of people have been hospitalized in the capital and southern cities due to respiratory problems, health officials said in a statement, adding that so far 75 people have been treated for respiratory problems. If this number increases, they will be treated with oxygen machines.

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