Iraq: The sky turned orange and yellow due to dust storms in Baghdad and other cities.

According to the details, various cities including the Iraqi capital Baghdad and Najaf were covered with orange and yellow dust and clouds.

The dust storm paralyzed normal life in six Iraqi provinces, killing one person and leaving 5,000 hospitalized.

Authorities have warned people not to leave their homes, and the environment minister has warned that Iraq could face 272 days of dust storms.

Foreign media say that the seventh hurricane in a month has caused thousands of people to have difficulty breathing.

Health Minister Saif al-Badr said one person had died in the storm and more than 5,000 had been hospitalized with difficulty breathing.

A health department official said more than 700 patients were admitted to hospitals in Anbar province, more than 300 in the central province of Salahuddin, and about 100 in each of the central provinces of Diwaniyah and Najaf, south of the capital Baghdad. Cases were recorded.