During the flight, the passenger slapped the air hostess

In a flight from India to UK, a passenger assaulted two flight attendants and injured them while he himself got into trouble.

According to media reports, the flight was traveling from New Delhi to London in which the passenger started an argument with the flight attendant. When other hosts came to the beach’s rescue, he also hit them, injuring two crew members.

Air India complained to the Civil Aviation and the name of the accused was put on the no-flying list. Now he will not be able to travel in any plane for two years.

The accused started misbehaving with the crew as soon as the plane took off. He was warned several times but he did not stop.

As soon as the captain came to know about the incident, the plane landed back in New Delhi. The security and police at the airport detained the accused.

However, it is not known why the passenger misbehaved.

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