Home World During the escalation in southern Lebanon, Israel kills a high-ranking Hezbollah commander

During the escalation in southern Lebanon, Israel kills a high-ranking Hezbollah commander

During the escalation in southern Lebanon, Israel kills a high-ranking Hezbollah commander

Israel admitted on Thursday that it had taken the life of three members of Hezbollah –one of them a commander of the organization’s elite unit, Radwan Force– inside South Lebanon, Bastion of the pro-Iranian organization. The two rounds of Israeli strikes – carried out hours after an IDF soldier was killed by Shiite militia fire – They also cost the lives of ten other people, including five minors, according to local Lebanese media. It was the bloodiest day in the region since exchanges of fire between Hezbollah and the IDF began on the Israel-Lebanese border four months ago, and the threat of an all-out war breaking out between the two parties is gaining traction in the hours.

“Last night – on Wednesday – a commander of Hezbollah’s Radwan forces was killed, Ali Muhammad Aldbashis deputy commander, Ibrahim Isa, as well as another terrorist,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement released Thursday. In the same statement, the commander killed in Nabatiya governorate is accused of being involved in organizing a bomb attack on March 23, 2023 at a road intersection in Kibbutz Megiddo, northern Israel, in which a motorcyclist was injured.

Israel’s defense minister Yoav Gallantwarned that “Air Force aircraft are currently flying in the skies over Lebanon.” They have heavier bombs for more distant targets“. “We can attack not only 20 kilometers (from the border), but also 50 kilometers, in Beirut and elsewhere,” Gallant warned.

The Shiite organization – which is not only a party and a militia, but also an authentic state within the Lebanese state – has acknowledged the three deaths, but has not identified them as the organization’s military commanders. With data from the Lebanese media L’Orient-Le Jour, Hezbollah lost a total of 183 combatants since October 8, when the affiliate of the Islamic Republic of Iran began attacking its southern neighbors a few hours after the Hamas massacre on Israeli soil. The Lebanese government announced yesterday that it would protest at the United Nations against the events taking place on its territory, and the organization itself called for an end to the “dangerous escalation.”

After he threatened Israel with it “Pay the price” As a result of the events, Hezbollah, considered a terrorist by the EU and US, repeatedly attacked cities in northern Israel with artillery fire this Thursday – forcing more than 80,000 citizens in the region to leave their homes in the past four afternoon. The organization admitted firing “dozens of rockets.” Direction Kiryat Shmona.

Help and return

Meanwhile, in Cairo, multi-party negotiations – yesterday in the absence of Israeli representatives after Netanyahu refused to take part – continued for another day with the aim of a ceasefire based on the exchange of hostages for prisoners. According to the digital Axios, yesterday Egyptian and Qatari mediators addressed issues such as the arrival of aid in Gaza or the possibility of a gradual return ofThe population in the north of the strip.

According to information from the Washington Post, the United States and several Arab countries are working on preparations a long-term peace plan what I would think about the establishment of a Palestinian state and would be released in the coming weeks. The plan was rejected this Thursday by a spokesman for the Israeli government, who assured that “this is not the time for gifts.” “It is time for a total victory against Hamas,” he concluded.

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