During a summit in India, men are hired to scare away primates

An antimono team? Indian authorities have hired a group of men to scare primates off the streets during the G20 summit in New Delhi.

Believe it or not, these animals have become a “headache” in several Asian cities due to overpopulation. Some of them even rob houses and take people’s belongings from the streets.

These monkeys have also caused chaos in the green spaces of the cities. The organizations indicated that they want these animals under control during the forum; which will bring together the presidents and ministers of world powers.

“We cannot remove the monkeys from their natural habitat, so we send a team of 30 to 40 trained men to scare the monkeys away,” said Satish Upadhyay, vice president of New Delhi City Council.

The herds of monkeys are causing headaches for the Indian authorities. Photo: Freepik

This team of “monkey men” will howl and be stationed in the hotels and areas where country delegates stay so as not to cause them any inconvenience.

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But that’s not all: To scare off other primates, life-size figures of langurs have also been placed in parks and on streets.

This monkey species is usually aggressive and frightens smaller primates; Therefore, his image was part of the strategy.

The initiative calls for this male team to let out the howls and aggressive squeals of the langurs when they see the other primates approaching strategic areas during the summit.

Monkeys in India, a cultural problem

Monkeys are among the animals worshiped in Hinduism as they are considered gods in this religion. Because of this, these primates roam the streets of many cities in India and other Asian countries.

This kind of cultural aspects has prevented the implementation of some measures to eradicate and control the monkey population in India. In addition, the government began to regard them as harmful animals in the country.

This is not the first time New Delhi authorities have taken measures to control the population at major events.

For example, police set up watchtowers near where Barack Obama visited on his first official visit to India as US President.

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