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Dumoulin: “Roglic’s way of working made me have more doubts”

The Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin has given an interview to the magazine Wieler Reuve in which he has reviewed how his atypical season 2021 has been in which he had to stop during the first months of competition and also on the figure of his teammate Primoz Roglic, the great leader of the team.

Dumoulin said pressure was not the main reason for his hiatus. “The pressure was not the reason I had doubts that I still liked riding a bike. It has a different base. I had my doubts if I liked it, but it was not because of what people thought of Tom Dumoulin. I said so when I announced my break, but I saw that that was not the problem, although it does make it more difficult, because it is easier to do it when no one is looking. If you see how I’ve dealt with pressure in the past, I performed at my best when it mattered. “

The Dutchman also spoke about his teammate Primoz Roglic and his ability to be so focused on cycling throughout the season. “I have that image of Roglic, yes. At the end of the season Primoz can disconnect without problem from cycling, but during the year he is very focused and sticks to the schedule. He is not worried about the rest of the problems and I don’t think he watches the news. It has a very special approach, as I had until 2017. I couldn’t maintain that concentration like him and that made it harder for me to question my existence as a cyclist. “

Dumoulin acknowledges that Roglic’s stoicism when working on the bike also increased his doubts when riding on the bike. “I had a hard time watching Roglic work. Yes, his stoic performance made me have more doubts. If you are concerned, it is good to talk to someone who understands your doubts. But this does not happen in the cycling world. That has not changed. I don’t talk about my life with my cycling friends and I don’t think Primoz does either. He is very stoic, while I am more of a thinker and more concerned. I have learned that it is okay to worry once in a while. It is who I am and I will not change. The most important thing is to accept it. “

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