Home Entertainment Due to this, Rashmika’s acting skills were also questioned

Due to this, Rashmika’s acting skills were also questioned

Due to this, Rashmika's acting skills were also questioned

Rashmika Mandana was the first female lead in a Kannada language film from South India. This young woman from the Kodaba language tribe in southern India starred in the first film. Due to the benefit of this film, he got a chance in Telugu and Tamil language films of South India and showed his strength. The pan-Indian film “Pushpa – The Rise” was very popular among viewers across India.

Rashmika’s wickedly sweet smile captivated the audience in this blockbuster film. After this, Rashmika wants to leave the South Indian industry and enter Bollywood. After Goodbye and Mission Majnu, his first two films Mission in Bollywood were failures. Hope is linked to “animal”.

Teamed up with Ranbir Kapoor here. The film will be released on December 1st. Immediately after the trailer was released, Ranbir Kapoor was praised. Rashmika thought that she would get success in Bollywood with this film, but before its release, she saw the other side of the coin.

When the Hindi speaking audience heard the dialogue in Rashmika’s mouth in the trailer, they burst into laughter. They don’t stop making fun of him on the internet. The 27-year-old actress was seen fighting with Ranbir in a scene. The audience doesn’t understand Rashmika’s dialogue in this scene. Because the actress has not yet mastered Hindi completely.

It seemed as if his words were garbled during the dialogue projection. Many have compared Rashmika to Tusshar Kapoor’s mute character in Golmaal in this scene!
Ranbir-Rashmika fight scene is now going viral. By sharing it, the cruel viewers were criticized. Someone wrote, “This is what happens when a South Indian actress speaks Hindi.” Some have also raised questions about Rashmika’s acting skills. However, most viewers advised the actress to learn Hindi. However, unlike so many trolls, Rashmika is completely calm. He didn’t comment on it. The actress is traveling across India with Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol to promote ‘Animal’.

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