Due to this habit of Rajesh Khanna others had to be beaten on set, Prem Chopra did this.

Bollywood Kiss: Bollywood’s legendary villain Prem Chopra is still remembered for his characters. The actor acted as a villain in many movies and created a special identity for himself in the industry. Prem Chopra often shares stories related to the film industry. Recently, Prem Chopra told how, due to Rajesh Khanna’s mistake, someone else had to be beaten up on the film sets.

Recently, 87-year-old Prem Chopra shared some old memories in an interview with Lehren. During this, he told how Rajesh Khanna, who was the superstar of that time, used to be late for the film sets. During this, Prem Chopra revealed how Rajesh was always late for the set and how someone else had to face the consequences of his being late.


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