Due to Corona virus, India imposed a big ban

New Delhi: A major ban has been imposed due to the new wave of Corona in India.

According to the Indian media report, new cases of the global epidemic Corona are being reported rapidly in the capital Delhi during the last few days.

Health authorities say that India is facing the fourth wave of Corona these days, with the increase in Corona cases, restrictions have been imposed in Delhi.

According to the Indian media report, the use of masks in public places has once again been made mandatory, and the violator will be fined five hundred rupees.

On the other hand, according to the data of the Delhi Health Department, the number of deaths is also increasing along with the corona cases in the Indian capital and forty people have died in Delhi due to corona in August alone.

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Earlier, fourteen people died of the corona virus in the last ten days of July, which means that the number of deaths due to this epidemic has almost tripled.

It should be remembered that there were record deaths during the second wave of Corona in India last year, in the months of April and May, an average of 300,000 new cases were reported every day.

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