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Due to a propeller failure, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth cannot take part in important NATO maneuvers

The United Kingdom deploys its two aircraft carriers simultaneously with its F-35B fighter squadron

“A shameful setback”. This is how the British newspaper The Times describes the collapse suffered by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, which prevented it from taking part in the last minute of NATO’s largest exercise since the Cold War, in which 40 ships from several countries took part and thousands will take part in exercises Steadfast defender which will take place in March on the Arctic coast of Norway. According to the Ministry of Defense, it was discovered a “problem” with a propeller shaft As a result, the British Navy flagship was unable to set sail on Sunday as planned.

The Queen Elizabeth moves its 65,000 tons with two propellers, each weighing 33 tons and powered by them two 36 MW Rolls-Royce gas turbines and two 11.6 MW diesel engines, producing enough power to power 1,000 family vehicles.

This failure occurred just a year and a half after the Royal Navy’s other aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales , It also suffered clutch failure on its starboard propeller just as it prepared to set sail for the United States. The aircraft carrier stopped off the Isle of Wight and was towed back to port to identify the problem. The repair cost more than 20 million euros and caused serious difficulties for the English Navy leadership, as the aircraft carrier is one of the newest and most advanced in the world.

One option that the authorities are considering is to replace the “Queen Elizabeth” with the “Prince of Wales”, which is ready to take part in the maneuvers, but according to the aforementioned newspaper, the transfer of technical parts, Food and other provisions from one ship to another take about an hour a week. That on the one hand. It is not yet known from the military whether the Prince of Wales could have this F-35 fighter jets What do you need.

“The failure of the ship is a humiliation for the Royal Navy, as it should be the centerpiece of the NATO exercise,” says the Times article outlining the details of the mission. HMS Queen Elizabeth should also divert towards the exercise at some point Red Sea is intended to replace the US aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in the region to deter attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels against Western ships passing through the area. It is not yet clear whether HMS Prince of Wales would also take on this role. Former Navy commander Tom Sharpe ruled out the possibility of Britain’s second aircraft carrier heading to the Red Sea. “That’s out of the question for a while,” he added.

The failure of the Queen Elizabeth comes at a bad time for the British Navy, due to recruitment problems and a lack of personnel and funding.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, based in Portsmouth, leads Britain’s 21st Fighter Group and was national pride, a symbol of “Global Britain” and the country’s diplomatic and commercial power. It is the largest ship ever built for the Royal Navy and features five gymnasiums, a chapel and a medical center. It displaces 65,000 tons and is 280 meters long and 73 meters wide, enough space for three football fields. It can carry up to 1,600 soldiers and 40 aircraft and has a top speed of 25 knots (46 km/h) and a range of 10,000 nautical miles, or around 19,000 kilometers.

What is the glitch and what impact does it have on Spain?

A Ministry of Defense spokesman said: “The problem identified is related to the ship’s shaft couplings.” Boat propeller shafts are too large be made from a single piece of metal so that each axle consists of three sections connected by axle couplings which connect the axle sections together.”

HMS Queen Elizabeth was to lead a carrier attack group consisting of eight ships (four of them British, including the frigate HMS Somerset and two Tide-class tankers of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary), supported by American, Spanish and Danish ships.

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