Dubai safari park new season begins a few days –

UAE: Tourists from all over the world will be welcomed in the new season of Dubai Safari starting September 27, 2021. Holding this event will also significantly increase the number of tourists visiting the UAE in the next few months.

Expo 2020 in Dubai and the easing of travel restrictions in the GCC region and around the world are expected to significantly increase regional and international tourism in the emirate.

For the first time in this wildlife park, tourists will also have the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes scenes, and tourists will be able to learn about their way of life with the help of a supervisor to get close to the animals.

The park is home to a large number of different species of animals from around the world that are kept close to their natural environment.

DUBAI SAFARI PARK Adventure - YouTube

The park offers unique experiences with its diverse community of animals from around the world who live in a climate-controlled environment close to their natural habitat.

Ahmed Al-Zarroi, director of Dubai Public Parks and Recreation Centers, told the media that the park has facilities like the best safari parks in the world, which will give tourists a chance to learn more.

Remember that the total area of ​​the wildlife park is 116 acres, in which more than 3,000 animals are kept. During this new season, tourists will be able to get information about the natural environment of animals and their different breeds.


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