Dubai: Heavy fine for teasing waiters in cafes

Dubai: A man has been fined 10,000 dirhams for teasing a waiter in a cafe in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the details, the Dubai court has imposed a fine of 10,000 dirhams on a person for teasing the waiters in a cafe.

According to UAE law, a person found guilty of harassing or molesting someone will be punished with imprisonment of at least one year and a fine of at least 10,000 dirhams, or both. Is.

Emirati law defines teasing as: “Any act that causes pain to the victim, including indecent gestures.”

It should be noted that in general, most victims of molestation avoid filing complaints, many women do not even know that what is being done to them is a punishable offense and they will get justice if they report. .

According to Emirates Daily, the UAE is one of the countries that take strict notice of such indecent acts.

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