Dubai: Police have warned the public against using magic pens and urged them not to sign checks written by others.

According to the detailsق Dubai Police has issued a warning to the public to refrain from signing these checks, on which they have not written all the details including money, but someone else has filled the check.

According to the Dubai Police, people are being robbed using a magic pen, which uses fading ink, due to which money and other details can be changed after signing.

There have been 20 cases in Dubai so far in which people have been deprived of their money through the use of magic pens.

According to the police, the use of magic pen is illegal, it uses an ink which disappears within 20 minutes to 2 hours. It is being used for various transactions such as purchase of cars and other items or repayment of loans.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Ali Khalifa Al-Falasi, a Dubai police officer, said that in 2020, in several Magic Pan fraud cases, checks were worth millions of dirhams.

He said that the experts with the latest technology had detected fraud by verifying the signatures and other details of the checks, so people should use their pen when signing the checks or documents.



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