Home World Dubai: A Pakistani citizen won one lakh dirhams

Dubai: A Pakistani citizen won one lakh dirhams

Dubai: A Pakistani citizen won one lakh dirhams

Dubai: Pakistani national wins Dh100,000 in UAE Three lucky participants won Dh100,000 each in the weekly lucky draw.

According to the details, three lucky foreign nationals won 100,000 dirhams each in the weekly draw of a Dubai-based company named Nawab.

It was the company’s 55th live draw, in which three lucky expatriates received their precious prize, their joy on the occasion palpable.

According to Khaleej Times, Anas from UK, Muhammad from Pakistan and Qadeer from India bagged the first prize, their winning raffle numbers were 23208857, 23038820 and 23136429 respectively.

In addition, 23 participants who matched 4 out of 5 numbers won the second prize of 1 million dirhams each winning 43 thousand 478 dirhams.

In addition, the third prize of 350 dirhams was won by 1,378 other participants who matched 3 out of 5 numbers, thus 1,404 participants in the draw won 1,782,300 dirhams out of the total prize money.

It is mentioned in the passage that the top prize of two crore dirhams still remains, which is easy to participate in the fun to get.

For this purpose, all the visitors must register through Nahayab.ae and purchase a bottle of water for AED 35. For each bottle purchased, the participants stand a chance to win the grand prize, second prize or third prize of Nahayab. can participate in the grand draw of

Sources say that those who purchase this bottle of water will also be automatically entered into a weekly raffle draw where three lucky winners will be guaranteed to take home Dh100,000 each.

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