Duartians: Solution in Haiti must be international

The president of the Duartiano Institute, Wilson Gómez, stressed that “there is no” Dominican solution to the sociopolitical crisis that Haiti is experiencing and, therefore, the organizations appeal for an international solution to this problem.

“We are clearly saying that the Dominican Republic has been generous and has collaborated like nobody else with the Haitian nation, but that the claim of international organizations, of great force, to seek a Dominican solution will not be possible; Any solution to the Haitian problem has to be in Haiti,” said Gómez.

He estimated the need to insist to the Organization of American States (OAS) and world powers such as the United States, France and Canada that there be an “international solution” that helps the Haitian people.

Gómez spoke just days after the Haitian authorities themselves reiterated their call for military support for the OAS to solve their crisis.

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