After a delicate year, they seek revenge like a king whose crown is taken away. D.S. Techeetah It was the absolute dominator of Formula E with three drivers’ titles and two constructors’ titles… until Mercedes arrived. The Germans know how to shine their star away from F1, but now they will have to show that they know how to defend it against the toughest rival possible. Specifically, against Vergne, the only two-time champion in the category. The Frenchman enters the second race in Berlin as Vandoorne’s biggest threat, three points off his lead.

“I haven’t won a race yet, I know,” the Frenchman tells AS, and other Spanish media, laughing at Tempelhof, knowing that he is doing a great job this year despite missing the most important thing: “I’m fine, you can be a champion without winning a race, but I still want to win one (laughs)“. He and Vandoorne take advantage of the rest because Evans and Mortara are 14 and 19 points behind the leader, but JEV allows himself zero confidence and does not want to reduce the fight for the title to two: “It’s too early to tell.”

What is certain is that he is fully involved in the fight and that is why he does not think too much about Gen3 and what will come next year, although he gives some brushstrokes: “I have not tried it yet, but it seems fast. The technology is going to be a lot better and it’s also going to be quicker on the track, so it’s going to be very interesting for the drivers. and I like the car so I can’t wait to try it out. It will be a different type of race, the driver will have a major impact on the preparation of the car. New regulation, new career… all new.”

Da Costa, away

On the other side of the garage of the French brand, gives coast, Champion two seasons ago, he suffers in tenth place in the World Cup. “We started a bit slow, but we know where the performance is that we lack and we work to improve everything. Each race we are closer to podiums and victories”, that is why he believes that he is “in time” to fight for important things. “But we have to win races if we want to win the title”, he assumes in the same way that “this year You pay a much higher price if you’re not 100 percent, everything is more competitive.”


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