Drunk Mahesh Bhatt was going to kiss his daughter when the director told him a shocking story

Recently, the famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt came to Arbaaz Khan’s show The Invicibles. During this, he made many amazing revelations related to his life. In this interview, Mahesh Bhatt talked about his addiction to alcohol and how he got rid of alcohol. Mahesh Bhatt said that a few years ago he was addicted to alcohol. Because of this, he many times had to be scolded by his wife Soni Razdan.

Mahesh Bhatt was an alcohol addict, so how did he stop drinking? Speaking directly about this, she says: “When my daughter Shaheen was born, there was a change. When I got to the hospital, I was carrying Shaheen on my lap. But as soon as I started kissing her, I felt that she must have tried to distance herself from me. She I couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol. I couldn’t even because I was a girl. But I was drunk, so I felt like she couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol. It’s happening. So I stopped drinking.

During this, Mahesh Bhatt also recalled the incident when he was lying on the pavement under the influence of alcohol and had no conscience. He recounted that “One day when I opened my eyes, I found myself sleeping on the sidewalk of the JVPD scheme. I remember that I was on the ground and it was early morning. I realized that he had gone to a party and there he fell. down the road and fell asleep. I also remember walking home. I was staying with Soni (Razdan).”

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