Drought: more resistant trees in France in the face of the climate crisis

To help trees better resist climate change, one of the solutions is to mix them. In the forest of Berbarns in the Nièvre, finishede the monoculture of oak, today, we are making room for other species of trees. To help the local oaks resist, other varieties of the same tree are also planted. All this in anticipation of climate change. Faced with global warming, trees are dying. “We have had an increase in the last ten years in the mortality of trees of different species”explains Nicolas Martin, specialist in tree physiology at INRAE.

Urban trees even more threatened by drought

The national forest office goes even further. She received thousands of plants from all over the world, Who are tested before being sent to different sectors in France. Seeds selected fortheir resilience in the event of drought. The goal is to identify the best species for the future. Urban areas are, even more exposed, and 70% of spTree deaths there are threatened by global warming.

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