Dropbox is canceling its unlimited storage plan due to abuse

Dropbox is No more unlimited storage space because some customers abused him.

As the company explains, some people used this plan for purposes like mining cryptocurrencies, sharing storage between unknown people and even reselling storage.

The company’s highest storage plan, “Exactly the space you need«, Now there will be a limit.

With this new change, customers who purchase a Dropbox Advanced plan with three active licenses get 15TB of shared storage across the team, enough space to store approximately 100 million documents, 4 million photos, or 7,500 hours of HD video, according to Dropbox . Each additional active license gets 5 TB of storage space.

We noticed that more and more customers were buying extended subscriptions not to run a business or organization but for purposes like mining cryptocurrencies, pooling storage from independent people for personal use cases or even for resale

In recent months, we’ve seen an increase in this behavior as other services have made similar policy changes. We’ve seen customers like these often consume thousands of times more storage than our true enterprise customers, which can result in an unreliable experience for all of our customers.

Existing customers using less than 35TB of storage per license, which is the case for more than 99% of Advanced customers, can keep the full amount of storage their team is using at the time of notification, plus an additional 5TB of bundled storage credit for five Years at no additional cost to your existing plan.

Less than 1% of customers using 35TB or more of storage per license can continue to use their current amount of storage plus an additional credit of 5TB of pooled storage for one year (up to 1,000) at the time of notification. TB total) at no additional cost to your existing plan.

Dropbox will begin phasing in existing customers to the new policy on November 1st. The company claims to notify all customers at least 30 days before the planned migration date.

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