Drop-scene of the case of injecting a motorcyclist by asking for a lift

Telangana: The accused who killed a motorcyclist in India by asking him for a lift have been dramatically arrested by the police, who have made important revelations.

According to the Indian media, the victim’s wife was involved in the murder, the police had examined the suspects in the initial investigation.

After taking a lift on a motorcycle, the Telangana police found out the motive behind the sensational murder by injecting poison, which surprised even the audience.

According to the police, a 55-year-old farmer named Sheikh Jamal was going to a village in Andhra Pradesh on a motorcycle to pick up his wife from his daughter’s house on September 19.

One of the two men sat on Jamal’s bike. After going some distance, the man sitting behind jabbed a sharp object on Jamal’s back.

Jamal started feeling dizzy as soon as the injection was done, so he stopped the bike. Jamal tried to ask the man who he was and why he did this.

At the same time, the accused escaped sitting with his accomplice who came from behind on another motorcycle and Jamal fell there due to dizziness.

Coincidentally, after some time, people gathered around, so Jamal told all the details in the state of sleepiness, later on Jamal’s request, they gave him water, after drinking which, Jamal’s condition worsened and he fainted.

Jamal was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital but he died before reaching the hospital which was confirmed by the doctors of the hospital.

According to Indian media, the initial investigation revealed shocking details and the arrest of auto rickshaw driver Mohan Rao, tractor driver Venkatesh and a doctor Venkat. The doctor had administered the poisonous injection.

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The police say that the murder was planned by the deceased’s wife, Imam B, who had tried to inject Jamal with poison almost two months ago, in which she had failed.

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Later, the accused asked his friend to follow the plan. According to the accused, Mohan Rao gave the same injection to Jamal after taking a lift on a motorcycle.

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