Drones show dry Spanish reservoirs in hottest April on record – video

Spain is experiencing a particularly severe water shortage due to the current drought. It is becoming quite apparent when viewed through drone footage, showing the devastating effects it has had on the country.

April is historic for Spain, as according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) it is the driest month since 1961 and the hottest since 1960. These atypical weather conditions have had an impact on agriculture, affecting food and water supplies. of many Spaniards.

This caused the water levels in the reservoirs and wetlands across the country have decreased significantly compared to April last year.

The Rialb, Baells and La Llosa del Cavall dams in northern Catalonia are running out, with the Rialb dam being the most affected, with only 5.69% of its capacity. These reservoirs have been supplying the region with water for decades, but due to recent climate changes, their water levels have dropped significantly. The dry land shows how desperate the situation has become. This highlights the need to conserve water resources in this area.

Climate change and drought in Spain

Climate change is a reality and Spain is suffering the impact of these changes in the form of droughts. Higher temperatures, shorter rainy seasons and colder winters have caused an increase in the frequency and intensity of droughts that hit the country.

This had terrible repercussions for Spanish farmers, who suffered enormously from this situation and were forced to take drastic measures to try to survive. Many farmers have had to face substantial reductions in their income, forcing them to change their farming practices or even close their businesses.

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