Dreamhack and WhiteBIT team up

Dreamhack, the annual large-scale Swedish LAN party, has partnered with WhiteBIT. The partnership aims to educate the gamer community and help them seamlessly enter the world of cryptocurrency.

Benefits for WhiteBIT Users

The new partnership adds a new effective payment method to the popular LAN party. Dreamhack attracts thousands of visitors every year. Through the partnership, WhiteBIT users will receive a number of benefits, including access to special VIP areas, a separate row on the main stages with good seats, cashback tickets, access to special events and the ability to order food via their PC at no extra cost.

Where WhiteBIT users will enjoy those benefits, the assistants will gain expert knowledge about crypto and test it in a relaxed and transparent environment. At least, that’s how WhiteBIT’s CEO, Volodymyr Nosov, summed up the new partnership. He said the following:

Gamers have built a strong community of like-minded people, driven by a desire to develop the industry and test the most advanced technologies.

Benefits for WhiteBIT Users

DreamHack is potentially a very good place to share crypto knowledge with enthusiastic and often open festival participants. WhiteBIT sees crypto and gaming communities as people who love innovation and boldly move forward with the changing world.

In addition, anyone who signs up for the WhiteBIT platform before purchasing the tickets will get access to multiple benefits, which will help further enhance their experience at the Swedish event. It brings together thousands if not millions of video gamers online. DreamHack offers an open environment for like-minded people who want to gain new experiences, impressions and knowledge of the esports world.

WhiteBIT is a major player in Europe. Their platform now has more than 3 million users worldwide and offers various functions including spot trading and margin trading with leverage of up to 20x. It is still too early to say exactly how many tickets will be sold through this partnership.

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