The Dream Big organization launched its annual baseball league, dedicated to former professional baseball player and current National Baseball Commissioner Junior Noboa.

Noboa’s recognition was motivated by his career in sports and his support for Dominican youth through baseball and education.

A total of six teams compete in the 2022 version of the Dream Big program.

The executives and founders of the program, headed by its founder Johan Ramírez, as well as coaches, parents of the athletes and special guests, gathered at the inauguration.

Dream Big School Program Foundation is a program that works to support young student athletes in their development, through higher education in universities in the United States, achieving sports scholarships for young people.

The provision of scholarships to young athletes has the objective that they can continue playing the sport they are passionate about and at the same time pursue a university career.

“We continue to change lives through what we are so passionate about, the love of sports and education,” said Dream Big, Johan Ramírez.



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