Dramatic turn with Kevin Punter brings out the colors to FC Barcelona

Barça is left without the star that was going to take the place of Nikola Mirotic, leaving the team in an unexpected situation for next season

Despite the fact that his arrival at the FC Barcelona to fill the vacant position after the departure of Nikola Mirotic, Kevin Punter has done a surprising 180 degree turn. Finally, the American guard will not wear the Barça shirt. Instead, he has opted to renew his contract with Partizan for two more years, sources from the Serbian team have confirmed to Mundo Deportivo.

Wednesday night was decisive for Punter’s future. In a conversation that was meant to be a farewell with coach Zeljko Obradovic and sporting director Zoran Savic, Punter was persuaded to stay. Appreciating his position as captain and leader of the Serbian team, and remembering the moments experienced in the season, such as the great support of the fans during the quarterfinal episode against the Real Madrid, Punter decided to stay in Belgrade.

Kevin Punter leaves FC Barcelona planted

Punter an idol who values ​​loyalty over money

Partizan managed to retain Punter appealing to his bond with the team and the fans. This loyalty to the team and its fans was stronger than the financial offer from FC Barcelona. Despite the fact that his decision means earning much less than he would receive in Barcelona, ​​Punter chose loyalty and love for the Belgrade team. Sources close to the player indicate that this decision could mean a loss of between 300 and 400,000 euros per year.

The turnaround of Punter has caused a great impact at FC Barcelona, that he already had him for the next two seasons. This news raises a question about the continuity of Cory Higgins, who initially had no place on the team. The non-incorporation of Punter could mean an open door for Higgins, although this will depend on whether the American guard would be willing to lower the agreed salary.

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A change of plans that redoes the board

Kevin Punter’s decision to renew his contract with Partizan It has completely changed the expectations of FC Barcelona, ​​which have been left without knowing what to do. This surprise choice not only underscores the importance of emotional ties in sport, but also underscores that sometimes loyalty can outweigh a financial offer.

For Barcelona, this unexpected twist may lead to rethinking your strategy and open up new opportunities for other players. What is clear is that the next season promises to be full of excitement and surprises. In this way, they once again have to come up with a new strategy for the team for next season.

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