DR exports the following products to the “land of BTS”, South Korea

RD exporta los siguientes productos a la “tierra de los BTS”, Corea del Sur

The Dominican Republic exports a long list of items to around 152 countries around the world that go beyond the traditional agricultural products that are produced in the Dominican countryside.

Among the country’s main export markets are the United States, Haiti, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, India and China.

However, South Korea also joins the list, located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula, and which in recent years has remained in vogue for its bars specializing in karaoke, futuristic architecture, as well as for the fashion trends and his K-pop musical phenomenon, the BTS.

In 2022 the Dominican Republic exported to that nation US$208.65 million, which represented 1.68% of the output of goods and services from the national territory or from a free zone.

According to data from the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana), the main product exported to South Korea is ferronickel, the amount of which last year amounted to US$174.61 million for 83.64%

Followed by instruments and devices for medicine, surgery and veterinary for US$11.34 million and shaving brushes, hairbrushes for US$120,000, shoes for US$210,000 and scrap alloy steel waste for US$660,000.

On the portal it was found that the export of leather footwear is US$900,000, paper or cardboard to recycle waste and scrap for another US$900,000, as well as manufactured plastic articles for US$100,000, plates and sheets of non-cellular acrylic polymers for US $110,000, among others.

Also, the export of copper waste for US$7.40 million and aluminum waste for US$3.55 million. While, the shipment of scrap iron waste reached US$1.23 million, among others.


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