DR Customs will be trained by a South Korean team

The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) received a delegation from the Korea Customs Service, and the Customs UNI-PASS International Agency and Korea Trade Network (KTNET) consortiums. after being benefited with a consultancy that will be financed by South Korea.

The team of experts arrived in the country on May 22 and will be carrying out, together with a team from the DGA, a series of interviews and surveys until June 16, to later present a report on the Dominican customs situation in terms of systems and infrastructure.

The director of the DGA, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, valued the importance of having a delegation from a nation like South Korea in the countrywith which the country has a long relationship dating back to 2004, and which is also a pioneer in technological advances in logistics and telecommunications.

“In the 21st century society, everything we do, when compared to the best practices of the global market, has a much more legitimate thrust”, added Sanz Lovatón.

Hyun Kim, deputy director of the project, thanked the reception by the Customs team, while indicating that said consultancy is carried out in the midst of the need for a future strategy that adopts the development of ICTs and the trends of the digital transition. in the field of customs administration.

as long as Sewon Park, Head of Business Strategy Project, explained that the project lasts eight months, between April and November, and that it consists of three stages that consist of gathering information, analyzing it, and presenting final conclusions and recommendations.

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