Dozens of online taxi service employees fired

New York: American online taxi service Lyft has laid off 683 of its employees due to poor economic conditions caused by rising inflation.

In this regard, a spokesperson for Lift Service told the media that it will lay off 13 percent of its workforce, or about 683 employees, to deal with the weakening economy.

The spokesperson says that for some time now, consumers are reducing their spending significantly due to rising inflation and business companies are also limiting their workforce to protect and maintain their profits.

A foreign news agency According to the report As a result of the recent move to the elevator service, profits are expected to be between $27 million and $32 million in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, and the company will meet its target despite job cuts early next year.

Under current circumstances, Lift Service expects revenue of $1.04 to $1.06 billion and underlying profit of $55 to $65 million, the spokesman said. It should be noted that the shares of the company in San Francisco and California have decreased by one percent.

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