Dowsett will attack the hour record in Aguascalientes

Briton Alex Dowsett will try to recover the hour record on November 3 at the Bicentennial velodrome in Aguascalientes (Mexico), announced this Tuesday the International Cycling Union (UCI). Dowsett, 32, had to postpone the record attempt he planned to make on December 12, 2020 in Manchester (United Kingdom) due to contracting covid-19 a month earlier.

The Israel Start-up Nation team rider already held the hour record by covering 52,937 kilometers on May 2, 2015 in Manchester, but it was snatched by another Briton, Bradley Wiggins, 36 days later with a distance of 54,526 km. The record for the hour that Dowsett now intends to beat belongs to the Belgian Victor Campenaerts, who on April 16, 2019 traveled 55,089 km in Aguascalientes.

When I took the record in 2015 I ran enough to beat it, but I was left with the feeling that I had strength left in the tank. Last year I had to give up trying because I contracted covid-19, but the reasons why I want to do it remain. I want to see what I am capable of, it is an event that I like and I feel privileged to have a new opportunity to do it, “said Dowsett in the UCI statement.

The Briton knows how difficult the company is: “In terms of difficulty, I know that Victor (Campenaerts) set the bar extremely high. It will be a great challenge, but I feel capable of achieving it. The biggest obstacle, this time, will be the altitude of Mexico“.” At altitude – he explained – the power required will be less than at sea level due to the subtlety of the air, but not everything is favorable, because that very fine atmosphere also makes breathing difficult. All in all, I think it will be more beneficial than harmful“.

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Dowsett has followed a special preparation for this event, which will be broadcast live around the world, working long hours in the wind tunnel to test the aerodynamic properties of his high-tech bike and the clothing he will wear that day “.

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