Doubs: retirees forced to live in a garden shed to flee the dealers

A real gangrene. Faced with drug trafficking that has taken place in their building, a retired couple preferred to flee the area and settle in a garden shed.

The four-storey building, in the Champs-Montants district, a priority area of ​​Audincourt (Doubs), was peaceful until the dealers arrived three months ago.

The latter installed their traffic in the lobby of the building. “As soon as night falls, the entrance to the collective is transformed into an amazing shop with drug addicts who come to stock up, the dealers who activate the magnetic door to open to their customers. […] The insecurity was such that I lost sleep ”, testifies in the columns of the Republican East, Antoinette, 80 years old.

Their vehicle set on fire

The couple also fear violence against them. Days after picking up two teenage girls smoking a joint in the lobby, their van was set on fire.

Faced with this “hell”, Antoinette and Jacques preferred to leave the building they had lived in for thirty years. They took up residence in a garden shed, located in a village, where Jacques owns land to grow his fruits and vegetables and raise his chickens. The hut, which served as a shelter for his equipment, has thus been transformed into a living space, with a refrigerator, a wood stove and a bed. A home that is not temporary, the couple considering returning to their building only to move their business.

Contacted by the Republican East, the landlord Néolia recognizes that traffic is well established there, but ensures that everything is done to solve the problem: “We do not give up, do not abandon the ground and in general, we finish by winning the fight against those who feed insecurity ”.

For now, the building is empty of its inhabitants who flee places like Jacques and Antoinette.

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