Double hit by Toyota and second by Molina

He Toyota #7 took the 6 Hours of Monza of the WEC, a triumph that brings joy back to Japanese boxing after the fiasco of the 24 Hours of Le Manswhere the trio formed by Kobayashi, Lopez and Conway had to leave after his GR010 was hit by a GT on the night of the sarthe. The management of the winners’ race was impeccable, due to pace and strategy. nothing could do Ferrari for the victory at home, although he added a second place with the unit #fifty in which mill He made an impeccable first relay, like his teammates Nielsen and fuoco. In the first part of the race the Italian team submitted a candidacy for victory, while in those early stages the options for the other Toyota, the #8 by Buemi, Hirakawa and Hartley. first the swiss touched the 499P #51 of Giovinazzi, Calado and Pier Guidi, for which he was sanctioned with 10 seconds. Later, in his effort to come back, he took the wall to the Aston Martin #777 of the category GT, with which he was punished with a one-minute penalty. They were able to come back to finish in fourth place and put more distance to the Ferrari #51 in the world, sixth after a penalty in the final laps. Broadly speaking, double Japanese hit at Ferrari’s house.

With the first two of the general classification at the bottom of the group and ruled out for victory, the matter was left between the other twins of Toyota and Ferrari and the appearance of Peugeot. The French were ahead, they came to lead, but the reliability of the 9X8 He returned to ballast the factory of the lion, with problems in the gear change. This opened the doors of the last place on the podium, a lawsuit from which the first fell Cadillac, that he was unable to repeat his magnificent third place finish at Le Mans. Then they were removed Porsche deprived of Proton and the Jot and they re-enlisted Ferrari #51 and Toyota #8running to the counter supported by the successive Safety Car. The last one, with an hour and a half to go, grouped the classes, but left the battles that already existed: Kobayashi against fuoco for the victory and behind the Peugeot #93 of Di Resta, Vergne and Jensen successfully defending his podium.

There was one last attempt by Ferrari to succeed at home, unit #50 with better wheels than those of Toyota #7, but the Japanese factory wanted to hit back at the Italians in France at their own home and endured the stubbornness. The last step of the drawer finally went to the Peugeot #93, who dealt tenaciously with mechanical problems. In Monza they have shown that in terms of speed they are getting closer. These results, beyond the concreteness of the Italian race, leave the World Cup closer to Japanbecause a spectacular last quarter of an hour left a heads up between harley with the Toyota #8 and Giovinazzi with the Ferrari #51 for fourth place, from which the first emerged victorious, widening their difference in the general points classification. A distance that was extended after a sanction to the Italian pilot for exceeding the track limits and losing place with the Porsche #5.

There is also World Cup in the category LMP2in which the team won Jot in front of Alpine with your unit #36. The last place on the podium went to the WRT #41, championship leader, crewed by Rui Andrade, Robert Kubica and Louis Deletraz. In championship key, the Inter Europol by Albert Costa, Fabio Scherer and Jakub Smiechowskimaintains his title options because he crossed the finish line in fifth place, behind the United #23. Fuji and Bahrain they will pass sentence.

In GT the race was monopoly Porsche, with three German cars on the podium: Dempsey Proton, Iron Linx and GR Racing. He Corvetteleader of the general standings and dominator of the first half of the championship, was fourth ahead of the pink Porsche of the Iron Dameswho were unable to defend their pole position in Monza.

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