Barcelona adds a new alternative to reinforce their attack. Although Raheem Sterling looks like the club’s favorite, he is also testing out other top-tier reinforcements. This Tuesday, ESPN proposes two new players for the position. One, better known, Hakim Ziyech and enters with an option C that had not yet been placed in Barcelona, Timo Werner. The German striker does not finish settling in Tuchel’s eleven and appears as a possible new reinforcement for Barcelona.

According to the North American media, both Moroccan and German are alternatives to Sterling, which appears as a priority. The negotiations, yes, will not be easy. Both City and Chelsea are not too willing to release players in the face of the heavy schedule. More in the case of blues, which, in addition to Premier, Champions and both Cups, has the Club World Cup.

As regards operations, Barcelona will try to take advantage of its resources and all will be conditioned by whether before it can release a salary mass through transfers or rescissions. The Catalan club tries to seduce with opportunities and important roles in the squad players who are counting little for their clubs right now. To these, he will try to convince them with assignments with an option to buy at the end of the season. As reported by the Telegraph, Chelsea was not quite convinced by this formula.

From star reinforcements to substitutes

Arriving the same summer, Werner and Ziyech arrived from Leizpig and Amsterdam respectively with a star sign after their performance in both destinations. Both were facing a leap in their career. One that, it seems, they have failed to complete successfully.

The investment in both was remarkable. Werner went up to 53 million euros while in Ziyech 40 were invested. A price that they have not finished justifying. Neither with Lampard first nor with Tuchel later, they have managed to fit into the eleven. Now, they could land in Barcelona.


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