Dotmoovs Launches NFT Renting and NFTs with Utility Function

Evolutionary NFTs and Renting? The blockchain and AI project has recently shown how the sports world could be on the cusp of a revolution

The emergence and rapid popularity of the play-to-earn applications that allow users to take advantage of the near-real-life experience and in-app benefits has given Dotmoovs a recent popularity seen as refreshingly innovative and unique.

Dotmoovs, a play-to-earn blockchain-based platform, uses artificial intelligence to enable its app users to compete in their favorite sports against others in the world and where the winners get rewards in the form of digital assets. After downloading the app, the users just need to use their smartphone’s camera to record their performance and the system does the rest. Evaluating rhythm, speed, accuracy, diversity and other skills, the AI ​​referee scores the achievement and, you guessed it, the highest score wins the challenge.

In one of the latest efforts to mix sports and blockchain, they launched a utility-driven NFT Collection – dubbed “The Balls” – to be used in their first sport, Freestyle Soccer. In fact, these utility NFTs bring a whole new gamification to the app where, to challenge others, players must have one of the NFTs available, but they don’t necessarily have to buy them: it will be possible to rent from other players to participate in specific tournaments or challenges and share the proceeds if they win.

Dotmoovs introduces unique features to its collection

Very recently, the project introduced the idea of ​​lending the NFTs to skilled players. The fact is that crypto and sports are still two different worlds that only a small percentage of users are able to combine. This means that many of Dotmoov’s supporters can’t juggle a ball or dance Salsa, but are willing to invest in the platform and support some of the rising stars. On the other hand, many experienced players do not want to spend the money, nor do they fully understand the crypto world well enough, to buy the necessary NFTs to play challenges and tournaments.

This idea gives strength to the “sharing is caring” moto, allowing both sides to win – while one plays, the other supports the player by providing the needed “ball”.

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Now, on a special Christmas edition, a new ball has been launched and brings with it another special property: evolution. The twist here is that it starts out as a regular ball but can evolve into a Legendary tier. The more users play and win, the more the NFT evolves.

And while this is a nice novelty, we may see more of these evolutionary NFTs in the future. In fact, dynamic NFTs could revolutionize this already new technology.

Note how the data on the blockchain made use of real-world information: the player’s performance and victories over other players. Normally the data between the two worlds remains separate, but now they interact. And this could be a groundbreaking change for these non-fungible tokens not only for the gaming industry but also for a number of other areas such as education, identity documents, tickets and much more.

Ex-Liverpool João Teixeira joins veteran Ricardo Quaresma and legend Luís Figo

The project has brought together a number of famous players, including veteran Ricardo Quaresma, now playing in the Portuguese top professional division, and legend Luís Figo, former Real Madrid and Barcelona. And last month, another professional player joined: João Carlos Teixeira, has been announced as the newest addition to the Dotmoovs team.

Teixeira, who played for Liverpool, FC Porto, and Feyenoord Rotterdam, announced his legendary challenge on the Dotmoovs app. These challenges allow users to compete against professional stars, try to beat their scores or imitate their routines and win prizes.

And this will be the first time for users to try out the Renting feature on Dotmoovs. To beat the professional player, users will either have to own a “Ball” – read NFT – or borrow one from the marketplace. If they borrow one and beat the challenge, they share the rewards with the owner of the “Ball”.

So, are you a sports fan or a crypto enthusiast? Whatever the answer, try the Dotmoov’s app, now in Open Beta Version. Start playing and be part of the sports revolution!

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