Doping targets top-performing athletes

Fernando Tatis Jr. and Robinson Canó are the last two Dominican athletes who have tested positive for doping in the Major Leagues and have generated a reaction of disappointment in Dominican society and the  world outside of sport.

In this sense, doctors Milton Pinedo, President of the Dominican Federation of Sports Medicine (Fedomede) and Luis Vergés Psychologist, were interviewed on the program La Hora del Deporte, which is broadcast on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. pm, by CDN Deportes and touched on various topics related to the topic that impact athletes and society in general.

About Tatis Jr.

“I think that in the case of Fernando Tatis Jr. and his statement there is a discrepancy. Ringworm is a fungus and steroids or corticosteroids are not used to cure fungus. Either it was poorly indicated or it was poorly oriented in the use of that medication, but that medication is not used to cure any dermatological condition, “says Pinedo.

Pinedo expressed that not all athletes undergo doping tests and pointed out that “only very talented athletes”, emphasizing those who are one step ahead of the others in terms of performance,  are frequently tested for controlled substances.

“The test that is performed on Tatis Jr. or Robinson Canó, is not done on all players. There is a risk system and an anti-doping surveillance system. And, that of the MLB is much greater than that of the Olympics,” Pinedo said.

The sports medicine expert pointed out that young athletes with large contracts, injured athletes, elderly athletes who are close to retirement and medalists are the ones who are placed in the high-risk system and for that reason, receive a greater number of tests. .

 Lidom and doping tests

He assured that in the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic LIDOM, there must be a program that regulates and punishes the use of controlled substances to improve performance and that the country turns its back on doping.

He also indicated that the law establishes criminal penalties for coaches who provide drugs or substances to improve performance in children who practice in the country’s baseball programs, as long as they are brought to justice.

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doping in olympism

Marileidy Paulino, Friordaliza Cofil and other high-performance athletes were the examples used by the doctor to point out some cases in which the testing system is activated.

In this sense, he emphasized that all athletes are victims in cases of tests and sanctions, since they are exposed to their environment such as their coach and / or physical trainer, doctors, agents, their teams and the anti-doping system itself that requires them higher yields, while condemning them if they succumb to this harmful and destructive practice.

Regarding Olympism, he pointed out that there are different methods for tests inside and outside the competition. He indicated that only the first three competitors are tested and then a draw is made for the fifth to eighth and the others do not receive tests.

“In Olympics we have four applications, you insert the name of the substance or its components and it tells you if it is prohibited or not. Every time a high-performance athlete is going to take a substance, the president of his federation writes to me to confirm if it is allowed or prohibited,” Pinedo said, pointing out the process that the athlete must go through when taking a medication.

 To the Tatis Jr family. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Luis Verges pointed out that the Tatis family’s reaction to the situation was incorrect, although he said he understood it as a natural matter due to the frustration generated by this unfortunate event.

In addition, he referred to the behavior hereafter. “You have to be a major leaguer in all scenarios”, quoting Dominican baseball legend Felipe Alou, speaking of the challenge that Fernando Tatis Jr. has going forward to handle this situation.

The psychologist also said that the Tatis family must accept reality and work on the mental strength of the player, so that he can overcome this setback and rethink the public image and credibility of the 23-year-old player and that the emotional reaction of his environment, goes to the detriment of what he has built


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