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New Delhi: Mourning erupted in a house decorated on the occasion of Indian child’s first birthday.

According to the report of a foreign news agency, a young child fell from a 12-storey building in Noida, India and died. The parents are shocked due to this shocking accident.

The report said that the parents had held a short function at the end of their son’s first year. The parents were busy decorating the house when a tragic incident took place with the minor. The family lives on the twelfth floor of the building and the child fell from such a height and lost his life.

Child, 1, Playing On Birthday, Falls To Death From 12th Floor In Noida

The accident happened at a housing society called Casa in Nonida. The parents were busy decorating the house when Kimson crawled towards the stairs and fell straight to the ground due to the hook in the grill.

In this regard, the report also states that close relatives had reached the house to attend the ceremony of the child named Rewan. Kimson was shifted to the hospital where the doctors confirmed his death.

Parents say they did not know how the son left the room and went to the stairs.


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