Don’t Throw Away Cardboard Boxes: 6 Uses in the Garden or Garden

Today we share a video with a lot of information about the possible uses of cardboard boxes. At the same time we recycle materials, we feed our garden, shelter worms, nourish the earth, stop some weeds from growing and much more!

I wish a few years ago, when I was studying gardening, I had seen something like this, not only for its practicality, but also for the ease and fun of doing it.

I hope you enjoy preparing this bed as much as I do with boxes and don’t stop watching all the recommended videos.

0:00 introduction
1:45 Weed control with cardboard boxes
5:03 Weeding the orchard or garden aisles
5:43 Plant in rough terrain and protect from cold/heat
8:56 lasagna bench technique
10:25 am Eliminate mosquitoes from the compost
1:45 pm Biodegradable Minhoca Hotel
4:17 pm goodbye and thank you


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