Don’t stop the party in Memphis!

Eleventh consecutive victory for the Memphis Grizllies. It is said soon. The last time they faced the Minnesota Timberwolves, back on November 20, they took the biggest beating of the season so far (138-95). Who was going to tell them that almost two months later they were going to be the most fit team in the league and that they were going to be only a game and a half away from second place in the West, occupied by the all-powerful and unattainable Warriors until not so long ago. But that’s the way things are in Tennessee, it’s boom time and the party, for now, seems to have no end.

Tonight’s victory was not easy and at many moments it seemed difficult. It seemed so, of course, in the first half in which the locals shot fatally at the basket, although they were never more than 9 points down. And it seemed that victory could also escape in the last minutes. Specifically after there were four left to play, when the advantage on the scoreboard began to change sides and the game could fall on either side. Luckily for the Grizzlies in front was one of the teams that, however, closes the games of the entire league. The Wolves already lost a game they should have won against the Pelicans two days ago, on Brandon Ingram’s last-second 3-pointer. Today, his performance from 1:47 to the end was disastrous. Two free throws by Brandon Clarke put the Grizzlies ahead and they didn’t look back thanks to several opponent turnovers. In fact, the 10-point lead they achieved with just seconds to go was the biggest of the entire game for either team. What hadn’t happened in 47 minutes happened all at once in one.

Not surprisingly, the Wolves have a 2-16 record when they start the fourth quarter trailing. That was just what happened thanks to a third quarter in which they were clearly outclassed by their rival. The visitors went into the break 7 up and 12 minutes later they were down 6, thanks to a 37-24 run. Ja Morant had 11 of his 16 points there. The base also contributed 8 rebounds and 9 assists, but he was neither the top scorer of his team nor the one who played the most minutes. And although this is still the team of Morant, the undisputed star of the Memphis, it should not be surprising at this point that in Memphis they share the work like good brothers. The already inevitable Desmon Bane went to 21 points and Jarren Jackson to 20. Although the sensation of the day was John Conchar. This third-year shooting guard and 1.96 tall contributed 15 points off the bench and… 17 rebounds! “Somehow the ball ended up in my hands,” was the player’s explanation. Of course, it is the record for him, although this same course he had already signed two games with 9 and 14 rejections.

An interesting fact that speaks very well what these Memphis Grizzlies are. In this arc of eleven victories all the points have been scored by players under 30 years of age. Facing today Anthony Edwards (30 points), D’Angelo Russell (29) and Karl-Anthony Towns (25) could, due to age, belong to his squad. But the good numbers of the three were not enough against a perfect machine at the moment. Some Grizzlies third in the West with all deserved that seem to have no ceiling and do not want to stop there.

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