Doncic ends the legal battle with his mother

Doncic ends the legal battle with his mother

Luka Doncic ends the legal process with his mother for his personal brand. The Slovenian player signed during the past eurobasket 2022 a petition with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for unregister Of the brand Luka Doncic 7property of Mirjam Poterbin, his mother.

As he has been able to report The Dallas Morning Newsboth parties have reached an agreement in this dispute. Mavericks star terminated your request last December 5th before the USPTO, ending the court battle.

In the past, Doncic tried to register the trademark luka doncic but couldn’t do it because it already existed Luka Doncic 7. It is because of that, since September, has struggled to own his own image. The escort from the Texas club was blunt with Mark Stein, insider of the NBA, a few months ago. “I want to continue growing as a player and person and It is important to regain control of my own brand”, he declared to the journalist.

Mirjam Poterbin, mother of the NBA star, is still commanding of the image and personal brand of his son since he took charge of it in the season 2018-2019, first of the Slovenian in the best league in the world. potterbin has tried to gain power in this position in recent years, but the legal battle seems to have come to an end.


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