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Doncic betrays Real Madrid by stealing his star signing

Although Luka Doncic left for the NBA a few years ago, he follows the news from Real Madrid very closely, but now the Slovenian could compete with the white team for a transfer

After a long time, the ways of luka doncic and that real Madrid Their paths cross again. In recent years, it has been common for the Slovenian to follow the news about the white team in both football and basketball, exchanging messages with many of his former teammates. Not only that, we’ve seen him perform in the white jersey more than once in the NBA pavilions.

Likewise, Florentino Pérez wants Slovenia’s Dallas Mavericks to face Chus Mateo’s team in the first basketball game at the new Santiago Bernabéu. But before, Luka Doncic and Real Madrid could become enemiesbecause they will compete for the same obligation.

Doncic could leave Real Madrid without a commitment
Doncic interferes in signing Garuba

Doncic, Real Madrid’s rival for the signing the white club craves

As we have commented in ElGolDigital over the past few days, Real Madrid are currently the main contenders to sign Usman GarubTo. The Spanish player has been left without a team in the NBA after being sacked by the Oklahoma City Thunder and no franchise has claimed his contract, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Despite it, Usman Garuba’s desire is to continue in the NBA and prove whoever traded it and the team that cut it were wrong. Of course, finding a team is difficult at this point in the summer since many franchises have closed their templates. However, there is a chance the Spain international could share a team with Luka Doncic.

Usman Garuba, target Dallas Mavericks?

Among the options currently on the table, the Dallas Mavericks stand out. The Texas franchise is looking for players with the profile of Usman Garuba. Players who can bring defensive strength and versatility to a team looking for a way to function with two point guards who are bad on both offense and defense.

Due to his mobility and defensive ability, he is undeniable Usman Garuba would be a great signing for the Dallas Mavericks. Moreover, Luka Doncic maintains a good relationship with him due to their time together in Real Madrid’s youth system. Therefore, convincing him could be crucial. However, it would mean that the Slovenian would run counter to the interests of the team he has always been a supporter of.

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